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Your Perfect Bahamas Wedding Checklist

For the perfect Bahamas weddings, finding the right planner and following their advice and the provided time lined checklist, will ensure you will have a beautiful ceremony and none of the stress that is often associated with planning a wedding.

Don’t you get goose bumps when you think of Bahamas weddings? There are few more romantic and beautiful destinations in the world where you and your partner could tie the knot. Picture the dazzling azure waters of the Caribbean Sea lapping at the shore, the fine white sands under your feet, the golden sun shining its approval at your union, and the gentle island breeze kissing your cheeks as you prepare to say “I do”. The vision is pure romance so it is no wonder that people often choose this destination for their wedding.

Since it is a popular destination, there is a perfect infrastructure set up to make planning Bahamas weddings as straightforward as possible. By using a wedding planner based in The Bahamas, you can ensure that everything is taken care of and you remain obliviously stress free in the lead up to the wedding. But there are a couple of things that you can do to ensure that everything goes smoothly and you have the wedding that you have always dreamed of.

Wedding Countdown: At least Six Months Before the Ceremony

At least six months before Bahamas weddings there are some essential steps that need to be taken care of. The most important thing is to select the wedding planner who you want to look after the details. You can visit their websites as well as reading reviews by previous clients to decide which planner you feel most comfortable with. With their assistance you can decide on the exact date of the wedding and budget. They can help you with selecting the location of the wedding in The Bahamas, then you will need to put together your invitation list, choose a best man and bridesmaids and send out the save the date cards. The wedding planner will also be able to guide you through the legal aspects of the wedding regarding any required visas and the marriage license.

Wedding Countdown: Four Months Until “I Do”

At this stage of the planning process, the planner should have organised the contracts for the reception venue, the photographer, and the celebrant who is going to perform the wedding for you. You should send the invitations now as guests will need a good amount of notice to be able to make arrangements to attend. The planner will at this point be able to put together the flight and hotel packages for any guests that are attending your Bahamas wedding.

Wedding Countdown: Last Minute Reminders

It is important that you maintain communication with your Bahamas weddings planner throughout the entire process. As it gets closer to the day, there will be several things that you will both want to check with each other in order to ensure everything is just so on the day. The passports, visas and documentation required should all be in order at this point and you will need to confirm travel arrangements. It is best if you can arrive in The Bahamas about a week before the wedding in order to meet your celebrant, visit the place where you are going to have the ceremony and reception, and apply for your marriage license. A wedding in the Bahamas is a truly magical start to your marriage and the honeymoon starts the second the celebrant announces you man and wife. Planning your wedding in a variety of Bahamas locations is simple and stress free with the help of Bahamas based wedding planners: all you have to do is to turn up and enjoy the ride.

Omar Isaacs is the Marketing Executive for The Bahamas Tourist Board, a tourist organisation that can help you plan the perfect Bahamas wedding, and assist you to select and book the right type of Bahamas wedding holiday for you.

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