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Have the Bahamas Beach Wedding of Your Dreams

Are you considering a beach wedding or a Caribbean theme? If so, you should consider a Bahamas ceremony. The islands provide wonderful opportunities and the legal requirements for getting married in the country are quite simple to follow.

Legal Requirements

Before planning Bahamas weddings, couples need to familiarize themselves with the local legal requirements.

The Office of the Registrar General in Nassau is responsible for issuing marriage licenses. Couples can complete the procedure Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 4pm. A valid passport, a birth certificate and a photo ID are needed from the two individuals willing to get married.

Applying for the license can happen a day after the arrival to the Bahamas. Am application is filled out and submitted alongside the necessary documents. There should be two witnesses to sign the marriage license. This is it! All that is left is to choose wedding venues and the type of ceremony that will be best for Bahamas weddings.

Wedding Venues

There are so many wedding venue possibilities to choose among! The country is famous for its beautiful, romantic beaches that can turn into the perfect place for Bahamas weddings.

Many hotels and resorts have specialized wedding packages. Nassau has some spectacular all-inclusive resorts, as well as small and romantic resorts that are perfect for the occasion.

The Abacos are also known as an incredible wedding venue. The white sand and the clear ocean water turn this destination into the perfect one for a beach ceremony.

Bimini is yet another possibility. Old churches with beautiful architecture are typical for the island and if you want to have a traditional wedding, this is the Bahamas place for you.