Majestic Fun Adventures in Bahamas


If you have to think about one destination that attracts tourists with its spectacular beaches, chances are that you will consider The Bahamas. Bahamas beach resorts are popular for their breathtaking ocean views, the luxury and the pleasant atmosphere.

Island Beauty and Spectacular Beaches: Welcome to the Bahamas

The country is comprised of over 2000 island and it is no wonder that it brags some of the best beaches in the Carribean. The pure white sand and the incredibly clear ocean water turn the islands into little pieces of heaven on Earth.

There are all kinds of Bahamas beach resorts – secluded spots for romantic walks, family-friendly beaches with a range of facilities and beaches that provide possibilities for the active individual. The islands have exclusive beaches, as well, that are private and available solely to the guests of a particular hotel or resort.

If you are wondering about some of the best beaches in the Carribean, here is a list of what the Bahamas have to offer:

  • Treasure Cay Beach is one of the most popular Bahamas beach resorts. The scenery is beautiful and most tourists that have been to Treasure Cay Beach report high quality service.
  • Pink Sands Beach ranks among the interesting places to visit, as well. The name is derived from the color of the sand, which is different from the white that is so typical for the other Bahamas beaches. Pink Sands Beach is located on Harbor Island.
  • Cable Beach on New Providence Island is a four-mile long strip that has a range of facilities and activity opportunities.
  • Xanadu Beach is a really popular spot on Grand Bahama Island. It attracts surfers and it tends to be quite noisy. The shoreline extends over 2/3 mile and if you want to find some seclusion, you can walk away from the central stretch of Xanadu – many small beaches are located there.