Majestic Fun Adventures in Bahamas


Did you know that Bahamas resorts are located not in the Caribbean Sea, as is the common misconception, but in the Atlantic Ocean? The Bahamas Islands boast of several world-class luxury resorts offering the best in amenities, facilities and service almost unrivalled anywhere else in the world with many providing for reasonably-priced all inclusive resort packages. Their location in the deep blue of the Atlantic Ocean throws the colorful flora and fauna coupled with the blindingly white sands into beautiful relief – truly, a paradise on Earth.

Or to be more appropriate – many islands of paradise on Earth. The Bahamas has 700 islands and 2,400 cays dotting the seas although only dozens have facilities offering all inclusive resort packages. These Bahamas resorts come from a long line of facilities, so to speak, where movers and shakers from Christopher Columbus and his sailors on the Niña, the Pinta and the Santa Maria to pirates, rum smugglers and blockade dodgers have caroused to their hearts’ content.

Bahamas Resorts as Paradise on Earth

Nowadays, the resorts provide for tamer fare although this is not to say that your days will be boring – these are the paradise islands on Earth, after all! With so many activities to do, places to see, and people to party with, your days and nights will be filled with exciting adventure punctuated by restful relaxation.

Of course, getting your tan while sipping a margarita and lying on the beach easily comes to mind but there are more adventures awaiting your days and more parties filling your nights in most of the Bahamas resorts. Sail to the Abacos. Kayak around the cays of Exumas. Dive the blue holes of the Andros. Enjoy the pleasures of Nassau. Lounge with your friends on the beaches of Eleuthera.

Name your compulsion for sun, sand and surf and the Bahamas Islands have at least a couple that will fit right into your heart’s desires! But you should not come here just for the sun, sand and surf either.

Most of the resorts indulge their guests in the biggest event in the islands – the Junkanoo. It is a street parade held every year on December 26 and New Year’s Day when groups party in the streets to the distinctive Junkanoo music. It’s a party, Bahamian style, where music like Calypso, Rake and Soca rules the day!