Majestic Fun Adventures in Bahamas

Berry Islands

An idyllic spot for sailors, yachtsmen and fishermen, one can find an out-island adventure second to none at the Berry Islands of the Bahamas. The Berry Islands are a cluster of 30 tropical islands, just shy of about 100 cays.

Terrific Fishing Experience

The island’s main attraction is big game fishing. Many big game fish like blue marlin, giant bluefin tuna and sailfish are thriving in the perfect azure waves. Main fishing activities are centered in Chub Cay, overlooking a deep-sea trench called the Tongue of the Ocean. Chub Cay is highly regarded as the “Billfish Capital of the Bahamas” because of its record-breaking catches.

Secluded Beaches

If your idea of paradise is to simply stretch out in a secluded, sleepy, white (and pinkish) sand beach or picking beautiful shells, you shouldn’t miss Sugar Beach Caves in the Great Harbour Cay. It has numerous sandy coves set among tall cliffs and is considered to be the most beautiful spot in the Bahamas.

You are sure to find great adventures on Berry Island, Bahamas. But of course, you can also choose to do absolutely nothing at all. 😉