Majestic Fun Adventures in Bahamas


Want to experience laid-back beach vacation? Visit the Bahamian Island of Andros in your next summer get away!

Searching for tremendous diving opportunities? Be enthralled by the vast marine life, the largest island in the Bahamas has to offer. Home to the world’s 3rd largest barrier reef, Andros is regarded as a diver’s paradise. Absorb yourself in the abundant marine life and remarkable reef formations. You might even chance upon friendly reef sharks 😉

Blue Holes of the North and South Andros

Discover literally hundreds of blueholes housing remarkable cave fish and invertebrates that are rarely (some) seen anywhere else in the world. According to local folklores, mythical sea monsters like the Lusca, a dragon-like sea monster, also lurk in the dark, deep blue waters.

When you want to experience a slice of paradise…explore Andros.